Extreme Fast Weightloss Solutions – Do They Really Work?

Apparently, people want to get thin, and they want to get thin NOW. This is the reason why there are so many extreme fast weightloss solutions being touted about in the World Wide Web and beyond. Most of these products are herbal remedies that advertise themselves as extreme fat burners, “guaranteed” to burn off layers of excess adipose tissues. Others are cream-like, or clear liquid preparations that could be applied on the skin that should penetrate through the epidermis and melt away trouble areas (especially handy if your trouble areas are relegated to one or two body parts only.) And others still are stronger medications that are supposed to speed up your metabolism, helping you burn off unwanted calories even when you rest. In any case, with so many extreme fast weightloss solutions to choose from, it’s easy to get lost in the promises of instant thinness. But do they really work?

The truth is: these extreme fast weightloss solutions do work… sometimes and only for a certain group of people. More often than not, they don’t. Here’s why:

People are built differently – from the inside and out. The same way that your brown hair is not the same shade as your neighbor’s brown hair; people have varying internal constitutions and outward appearances. This means that your metabolism differs greatly from all the other people in this planet. The time it takes for you to shed off excess adipose tissue is also unique, as with what kind of food makes you gain weight fast.

Over-the-counter extreme fast weightloss solutions are basically generalized preparations created to aid specific groups of people with specific problems. For example, herbal remedies for fat burning works well with people who respond to herbal remedies, who sheds fat with ease, and who do have fats to burn in the first place. Anyone else who falls short of these 3 categories will most likely find themselves on the shorter end of the weight loss stick.

The cream-like or clear liquid extreme fast weightloss solutions might work for a few people, especially those who do not have sensitive skin; who can tolerate skin applications of this kind; and who wants to trim off only one or two parts of their bodies, like flabby arms or jiggling thighs. The stronger medications for metabolic aid, is only applicable to people who respond well to strong preparations, and who have no problem with drastic internal bodily changes.

Besides, according to health experts and medical professionals, extreme fast weightloss solutions are usually not safe to try on your own. Losing too much weight in a very short amount of time is bound to lead to other health concerns like failing internal organs or suffering from the effects of mineral and vitamin deprivation. In short, the body literally shuts down due to starvation.

This is primarily the reason why safe weight loss program is usually deigned specifically for one person alone, taking account of the person’s specific medical and nutritional needs and capabilities. Admittedly, this kind of weight loss program does take a longer time to complete, but the results are more permanent and safer to continue in the end.

Weightloss Strategy – 7 Simple Steps For Building Your Fitness Blueprint

Weightloss is not achieved in leaps, but in steps. Create your own blueprint for fitness success by implementing the following 7 simple steps.

1. Have a Plan

The most successful people in business have a plan. Why is this any different when it comes to your exercise and nutrition strategy. You will be most successful if you write down your plan. Determine what will be your workout schedule. What will be the types of exercise you will do and for how many minutes. Will you be exercising at the gym, your home, or the park.

When it comes to your nutrition, plan your meals on a calendar. This will be your meal planner. Next, create shopping lists for added structure. It’s always best to have ready made snacks in the refrigerator – fruit, crunchy vegetables, and lean meat protein are some of my favorites.

Make room in your plan for missteps. I’m emphasizing balance here. There will be times when an evening out sidetracks you from your goal. Just ensure you know to get back to your position of strength at the next meal.

2. Create Systems

Anyone could run my friend Jennifer’s household. Why? Because she has a system. She has created a system to operate the entertainment center by laminating all the steps for programming, and it is located next to the television remote. Another system she created is for her daughter’s dinner/bath/bedtime routine. It, too, is laminated and posted in the kitchen. There is no guessing. These are good examples of tested systems. Her husband, mother or a babysitter could walk in and take over. This is very relevant to a successful weightloss strategy.

If you have a systematic workout routine and your snacks and meals are thoughtfully planned and executed then the rate of your success is much higher than if you had simply created a plan and dashed off in the dark with hopes of following through. For example, you can put out your clothes the night before and set your alarm. When the alarm goes off you get on your clothes and go to your designated workout area to start with exercise number one.

Regarding nutrition, you could have your weekly shopping list generated in a word document so you can find it easily and/or need to change it. The shopping list would contain the ingredients that will make the meals on your meal planner. Instead of leaving your grocery shopping until a time when you can fit it into your week, commit to doing it the same day each week. If you can designate that chore, do so!

3. Get Out the Door

Most days my clients don’t wake up with a smile saying, “Wow! I am so excited to go and exercise first thing this morning.” But what I employ is the 5 minute rule. My clients have to get out the door and begin with 5 minutes of exercise. After 5 minutes they usually find that they can go 5 more and then soon the workout is completed. Try that tactic. You will feel great from all the endorphins that were lacking before started.

4. Trash the Junk

There are many temptations facing us in our culture today. We have to be mindful that removing those temptations establishes a greater opportunity for more blessings to flow our way. The same goes for poor food choices. If there are bad choices in the pantry then we are tempted to grab for the chips or ice cream. Poor food choices include processed foods like chips, fries and sugary cereals. By cutting out junk choices there are more room for the nutritious foods.

5. Enlist a Friend

It’s important to have a non-judgmental friend to be the cheerleader in your corner – a person who can hold your feet to the fire. It could be a workout buddy or just someone you call and confide in regarding your regular progress. I can’t underscore the power of a buddy enough.

6. Create a Measuring Tool

I like to use body fat measurement. However, a scale can just as easily be used to measure progress.

7. Write It Down

Journaling is proven to be one of the top tools to keep people connected to their exercise and nutrition plan. Each day there should be an entry for the type and duration of exercise. Just as important, you should log food intake. It is amazing what you eat if you actually log it. By glancing over the journal at a time when you are unmotivated or feel like the wheels are coming off you will find renewed strength from your past success so that you can continue to move forward.

Bonus Tip: Create a Reward System

Establishing rewards to mark milestones in fat loss is powerful. The key is to make the reward significant enough to matter. I strongly discourage food items as a reward. Instead, think of a movie that you’re looking forward to viewing. Or, a night out with your girlfriends. Buy the movie coupons ahead of time and post them on your bathroom mirror as a reminder.

Pet Foods And Their Nutrition And Choices

Types, styles and quality of pet foods have changed dramatically in recent years. It is no longer just large chunky dry food for pets. Pet owners have a choice of giving their pets many different flavors of food. They also have different styles, such as large, small and moist chunks of food. There are also packets for easy single servings or for traveling. And of course, can food, which comes in so many flavors you cannot even count them. Unfortunately, not all of these pet foods are of the same quality.

Most pet owners want to give their companion pets the best. That should start with nutrition. If you find it difficult to determine the nutrition values, you are not alone. However, the internet has simplified that. You can do a couple of quick searches via Google, Yahoo or MSN and find a great deal of information on almost any major brand of pet food.

When reviewing the different brands and types of pet food, you will begin to see all of the choices you have. That is, do you want to maintain your pets current level of health? Is your pet overweight? What is your pets age? Does your pet currently have any specific medical issues? There are so many choices, you will want to take a little extra time to read about the options in pet foods available.

Talking about overweight pets. This is interesting. In January of 2007, the Pfizer Animal Health division introduced Slentrol(TM)- a drug for obese and over weight dogs. Slentrol is an FDA approved drug for canine weightloss. It is truly a ground breaking new drug for dogs.

The introduction of Slentrol weightloss drug for dogs by Pfizer was provoked by the ever increasing amount of obese and over weight dogs in the United States. The medical name for Slentrol is Dirlotapide. Claudia A. Kirk, an associate professor from the University of Tennessee, states that 40 percent of dogs in the US are over weight.

The development of Slentrol could not have come at a better time. With the increasing amount of overweight dogs today, it sounds like research completed by the Pfizer Animal Health division will be able to help many dogs. hopefully, the dog owners will also understand that dogs, like humans, must have physical exercise involved to make their weight loss program successful.

And dietary needs- wow! The quality of nutrition in pet foods today is amazing. Pet owners can feed their pets very nutritious dinners and snacks just as easy as giving them low quality chunky dry food. But, do not let all of the choices confuse you or deter you from finding the healthy pet food your pet so deserves. Have patience with your pet food nutrition search as well as with your pet settling on something she or he likes.

There are many varieties of pet foods and snacks available. With such a vast amount of choices, your pet will surely develop a liking to one or more of the high nutrition value pet foods. Once again, be patient and you will find the right food for your pet and a healthy one that your pet likes as well.

LA Weightloss Program – Is it Right For You?

The current demand for weightloss programs and products are at its highest point in recent history. This is mainly because of people who spend most of their time working and running different errands they have to finish. The age of information technology is upon us and because information can now be sent around the globe in a blink of the eye, people tend to adjust to move just as fast. Industries also change to coup with this fast pace including the food industry, and the result is unhealthy junk food and an obesity rate rising faster than oil prices. Obesity is at an all time high and it is plaguing a lot of people, hence the demand for weightloss products, which can guarantee a person with fast and efficient results.

A lot of so called magic pills and exercise machines have come out because of the need to become healthy and stay healthy. However, these products do not always work. But one weightloss program realizes that there is no one solution for everyone’s problem. This program is called La weightloss program.

The La weightloss program is a centre-based program, which aims to reduce calorie intake of its members with the use of nutrition bars and counselling. They have clinics worldwide where they start off by giving a free assessment to a possible member and a program is then designed for the member. The program consists of weekly visits from a trainer, virtual trainer that shows proper exercise, online support groups and more importantly, their nutritional bars and supplements. Then, you get your own personal counsellor who not only provides you with the program but also acts as your own personal motivator (or cheering section if you will). It is more than a diet, it is a way to change your lifestyle which is the actual key to becoming healthy and staying healthy. However, is La weightloss program right for you?

The person who can answer that is yourself and not anyone else. If you believe in the La weightloss program given to you and follow it, you can achieve your goals. The back draw however, the nutritional bars and supplements of the La weightloss program which is said to be essential with the program are not cheap. It could reach up to a thousand dollars or more. Add to that the fact that there was a case wherein the company was sued because the program did not work. The company was then fined with $100,000 because of the mishap. The reason behind could be because the personal counsellors are paid by commission on the number of nutritional bars and supplements they are able to sell their clients. This is a problem because it gives rise to a conflict of interest and the counsellor could give a faulty program.

The cost of the program becomes the actual motivation of the member. The motivation to become healthy should be just that, to have a healthier lifestyle and live better. La weightloss program could be for you, if you can afford it.

Organic Food Nutrition Revealed

Organic food items are showing up all over and gaining a lot of attention. Large supermarkets such as Whole Foods and many other chains are growing in popularity and the public is extending their purchasing power to more healthy choices.

But why?

What is organic? Organic farming has to follow very strict guidelines and a provision period of 3 years to carry the Certified Organic label – not an easy process, but one the farmer knows is right to control food safety and to deliver nature’s intention free of pesticides, fertilizers and a list of other unnatural treatment protocols. Real whole foods that your body recognizes have digestible energy to carry life to your cells. You are a live cell being and you need live cells, not chemicals and dead nonliving processed, denatured, so-called food items.

Why is organic so special? It’s in the soil! Nature’s ecology, the earth worm, the dense nutrients, the vein like roots of the plant suck life to feed its growth. Without the use of chemicals on the plant, it’s able to function and develop. When bugs land on the plant it releases a chemical of its own to defend itself against the invaders. This by-product is available to you and I when we eat the plant source as an anti-oxidant, the very thing that battles free radicals (cellular degeneration/rapid aging), not to mention the taste, the smell, the presentation of the food and above all the quality – more nutrient/mineral dense than its counterpart minus the toxins. The way things are meant to be, not by alteration or genetic modification. Organic animals live and grow in thriving cruelty-free environments where they are fed their normal, healthy dietary requirements. Not a mix of fatten quick toxic feed and various injections to hasten them to the slaughter house, which in turn shows up in the by products we buy and eat.

Shortly after World War II there was a movement towards mechanization and homogenation of farming. Larger and increasingly more automated farms popped up across the landscapes of the United States. These factory farms put the synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and mass-rearing techniques developed in the 1920’s into widespread use. Over time the food supply has had its soil drastically become less and less nutrient dense due to over-farming and the use of synthetic chemicals to hasten growth at all costs and compromise the health of a nation. Amidst this agricultural revolution, several astute pioneers of the organic movement emerged, heralding the dangers of ecological insensitivity and calling for a return to the responsible farming methods of our past.

One such person was Weston A. Price, a dentist by trade who traveled the globe studying cultures and tribes. Dr. Price’s findings were documented studies in his book, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration. As a dentist he realized that the mouth, teeth and gums are a direct reflection of the health of the internal system of the body. By taking riveting photographic images to reveal isolated tribal men, women and children and the results that take place when they eat what is considered to be the modern diet of processed and refined foods that have no place in there genetic ancestry. When he cross-examined geographic areas throughout the world he documented the available food supply with other factors such as how distant they were from the equator influencing seasonal crop growth and available protein sources. By simply stating a vegetarian diet suits all or the Mediterranean diet is what most should eat is extremely misleading as Price revealed. Today food supply is growing in its contamination with no regulated commercial farming that is dominating the market place. We are all faced with poisonous confrontation of one or the other. It’s really up to how we choose to limit and reduce our exposure to chemical components and, in turn, how it affects our aging and well-being.

If you consider your food quality and safety a concern, conventional farming offers extremely little and pales in comparison to organic farming. When you get a visual tour of these two types of farms it becomes a real eye-opening experience. A few large organic farms exist, but for the most part comparing the organic farm to the conventional farm would be like comparing a lemonade stand to multiple, extremely large warehouses.

Organic farms are much cleaner and control their inventory with compassion and care and every organic farmer I have talked to has been eager to share his land and passion with me. I guess what it really comes down to is do you shun the small family organic farmer and their strict standards; and therefore support radically high prices that are preserving nature’s balance in an ever-growing population and aligning food supply or support the conventional machine with its controlling power that practice little if any ethical standards toward the soil, animals and the health of your body with utilizing foreign chemicals that increase volume and prolong the life of food at a reduced cost to you. As a nation our health is in rapid decline and processed food sales is at a high – conventional farming pockets are getting deeper. Is what we really need to spray pesticides on crops, not exercise crop rotation, and cram animals in cages and pump them full of hormone cocktails (RBGH, RBST)?

To make a point, in my years of experience having my own health compromised and seeking alternative ways to sustain a functional life and working with thousands of clients with health challenges that were getting absolutely no results following typical nutritional guidelines and eating mass produced conventionally farmed foods. Most consumers would agree the 15% cost increase is minimal when compared to the downward spiral of health issues that lie ahead. However, these disconnected propaganda screaming consumers upon failing allopathic approach healthcare start looking for the magic pill or one-shot fix all medication that was advertised on TV last night – you know the same one his neighbor is taking that has lost the meaning of the term lifestyle and creating a nation of zombies.

If you look at our health as a nation with obesity, diabetes and a long list of terrible health problems and then look at how much organic produce and hormone-free meats are ending up in shopping carts (less than 5% of the total food sales) that means that a whole lot of commercially-farmed, conventionally processed food are being consumed. To top it off, a shopping cart leaving the market place on average contains 8 items with the first one being soda! If you stop and think for a moment, by choosing to pollute your body with a long list of chemicals, preservatives and other genetically modified creations, what are you saying about your life and your children’s? Doesn’t your genetic structure, your life’s experience and your legacy mean something? Population, growth and corporate farming along with global warming are creating a large impact on the environment and your health regardless of who you are. The quality, quantity and frequency of the safest most beneficial nutrition that you have chosen to supply your body functions with will determine your quality of life. By simply consuming convenience foods and non-organics with no nutrition we are telling the environment and our bodies we would rather not bother and we will suffer while the corporate giants expand and increase profits and destroy our beautiful planet.



A lifeline to a healthier future for you and your family

Small farms often run by families who love what they do. Producing nurtured food product in a long way for a valued profit.

Crop rotation consideration for the living organisms of the soil, respecting the life of the ground and what it means to protect our wildlife habitats for our health. Working with, not against.


The corporate machine pumping out a sea of what is attempting to be food by disconnected farm workers with volume in their sights. For a profit at all cost.